Blue & White. Blue is a colour of many hues. I don’t get to wear this navy corded velvet jacket #armani collezioni too often. It is quite a versatile jacket, I wear it casually and for casual formal events. White jeans are always a staple for Spring/ Summer. The warmer sunny days are few, so as soon as the sun comes out, bust out your whites. 

 The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). This is a fantastic place to visit when you come to #Toronto. You will be taken in by the spectacular displays that have been curated. One of the most marvelous sights is the buildings exterior. I won’t give too much away, just ask about the ‘Micheal Lee Chin Crystal.’ Enjoy your visit!

Jacket #ArmaniCollezioni II Jeans #AmericanEagle II Sweater #TommyHilfiger II Shoes #AntonyMorato II Sunglasses #Rayban

Images taken by @seananthonys II Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Early in spring it is still cold enough to wear a sweater or cardigan. The sun was shinning and so I went with an off white cardigan #blackbrown1846. Tasseled loafers are the ‘feature essential’ for shoes this season. You will be seeing them a great deal, so take note! The selection for men’s bags has come along way too in recent years. Men are beginning to find reasons to carry a bag, and a gym bag won’t cut it.

Visit #Yorkville when you come to Toronto. This place is awash with celebrities during #TIFF (Toronto Independent Film Festival). They all seem to dine at#Sassafraz. It is also the place Joni Mitchel would hang out when she was young. During the summer you can watch all the high end vehicles drive around and around. It’s a pretty cool sight to see Ferraris, #Lamborghinis, #RollsRoyces and #BugattiVeyrons. The shopping is home to great boutiques #OvertheRainbow a great place for denim, #UncleOtis and free standing larger brands such as #Diesel and #Suitsupply.  Enjoy!

Cardigan & V-neck sweater #Blackbrown1846 II Pants #Levis II Shoes & Sunglasses #PoloRalphLauren  

Images taken by seananthonys II Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Casual elements of style. This time I went with more casual elements, denim and chinos. A cool white ‘T’ is perfect when paired with a denim jacket, when a graphic t-shirt may appear too much of a distraction. A scarf is a way to add colour, interest and style to the whole look. Keeping with the current ‘it’ item, I did a camo shoe. Camo is all over the place this season, so choose wisely and keep it tasteful. 

Jacket #Kaporal II Chinos #40weft II Tshirt #Jockey II Sunglasses #colehaan II Shoes #boemos II Scarf #PointZero

Images by seananthonys II Grooming by #imagehairdesign