Shawl collar navy blazer. I own a variety of navy blazers, ones with silver buttons, gold buttons, and double-breasted. I like to add variety to my navy blazers, making them a little less predictable. So it’s good to find ones with a little something different. Adding a shawl collar into the mix makes things more interesting. 

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Recommended: Ted’s Style Shoppe menswear that has been thoughtfully selected with the urban man in mind.

Jacket: #MarcbyMarcJacob // Shirt: #TommyHilfiger // Trousers #Versace Collection //Bow tie #FerrellReed // Pocket Square: #OriginalPenguin // Shoes: #AndreaRossi

Images taken by @seananthonys // Grooming by #Imagehairdesign

Tuxedo in the city. I just wanted to display how to use formal elements for an semi-formal look. Once you add colour, then that begins to change everything. Have fun with jackets and bow ties, that way you can add flair to your look. 

Bay Street, Toronto is the financial centre of Canada. The appeptite for luxury and well-made garments is met by a number of boutiques. They specialize in bespoke tailoring, and source fabrics from the best mills in the world. Their customers are global travelers, and are well versed in the finest offerings in the menswear category. They appreciate fine tailoring and clothemanship.

Recommended: Vassi for fine bespoke tailoring. You must experience their seven fold limited edition ties. They produce a very small quantity of each pattern, 2 to be exact.

Jacket: #OriginalPenguin // Shirt: Gianni Filacci // Trouser: #Halston // Shoes: #TedBaker // Bow tie: FerrellReed 

Images by @seananthonys //Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Green is a colour that will have a lot of attention this coming season. Why wait, let’s give it attention now! Windowpane is classic and will always stand the test of time. You cannot go wrong with the classics, they give your wardrobe depth and longevity. Add colour with the classics and redefine your wardrobe.

Recommended: Garrison Bespoke a local tailoring studio in Toronto. Their team of in-house stylists definitely want to see you looking your best. Nothing makes you look and feel better than a perfectly tailored garment!

Jacket: #Vicomte.A // Trouser: #JLindeberg // Bow tie: #Haspel // Shoes: #ErmenegildoZegna // Sunglasses: #PoloRalphLauren

Images taken by @seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Dropped by Walter Beauchamp the tailors to wish him all the best for the future. This establishment has been around for 106 years, a great run, and will be closing it’s doors end of October 2014. It’s sad to see a historic business leave permanently. So if you are ever in the Wellington & University area of Toronto drop in. They are currently in closing mode, so everything is discounted.

Jacket #Strellson // Jeans #Michael Kors // Shirt #SimonCarter // Shoes #Donald by Donald J. Pliner

Images taken by seananthonys // Grooming #imagehairdesign

Red blazer in the the heart of the Financial District of Canada; Bay Street - Toronto. This jacket truly brought a lot of attention this day; I had people stopping me to ask where I got it. Others looked on in admiration as we took these images. 

Bay Street, Toronto has a network of underground walkways called The Path. The Path is a network of pathways connecting each of the large towers. You have to go underground to experience it, there is food and shopping; it’s an underground mall.

Recommended: Pace for menswear in Brookfield Place. They carry an impressive collection of European designed clothing.

Jacket: #Vicomte.A // Shirt #JohnVarvatos // Waistcoat #Haight&Ashbury // Pants #172 // Bowtie #FerrellReed // Sunglasses #PoloRalphLauren

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Denim & chinos. I decided to go a bit casual this time. A denim shirt is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. Personally I love denim shirts, you could almost have as many denim shirts as you do pants (jeans). Denim with chinos is always a winning combination. These days chinos come in a variety of fits and washes, almost as many as jeans. Look for a good fitting chino, one that is more relaxed than dressy for the urban jungle.

Dundas Square, Toronto, is a must place to reach when visiting the city. It is a venue used for entertainment, rallies, protests, festivals or just a meeting place. There is always something going on there.

Shirt #CalvinKleinJeans // Chinos #Jbrand // Shoes #Tretorn // Sunglasses #Rayban

Images taken by seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Chambray jacket. I headed into the heart of the city or this occasion. The streets of #Toronto offer very interesting backdrops for images. It’s amazing how we can walk by these points of interest everyday, without paying too much attention to them. I hope you enjoy these images, because I really enjoyed taking them.

Jacket: #BenSherman // Shirt #LincsDC // Pant #PoloRalphLauren // Shoes #johnston&Murphy

Images taken by @seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Check this out!. This is a cotton, blue and white check jacket; by #Tallia orange.This jacket really caught my eye, it was unusual enough but not too out there. It is perfect for an afternoon or early evening event. 

Thanks to the guys at #WESLODGE for allowing us to take some images inside. Looks like a great place to eat. Just look for the electrifying Yellow Door on King St. West in Toronto.

Recommended: @Leigh&HarlowCulture for menswear. They carry some really great items to incorporate into a look.

Jacket #TalliaOrange // Pants #172 // Shirt #Crombie // Sunglasses #Rayban

Images taken by @seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Apple green check pants (Ben Sherman) was the mood this day. I’ve had these pants since about April. I thought that they were just right for summer in the city. I wasn’t wrong. They’ll easily go with a navy blazer too, as effortlessly done with this stone colour by #Elie Tahari

Queen St, Toronto, again provided the backdrop for this shoot. I felt that we had to revisit this area of the city again to do it justice. Had a great conversation with Cedric of #Simon Carter. Definitely a destination when you explore Queen St West.

Recommended: #Simon Carter for menswear. Clothing from a British point of view.

Jacket #Elie Tahari // Pants #BenSherman // T-shirt #ToddSynder // Sunglasses #Rayban // Shoes Bruno Cascinelli 

Images taken by @seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Seersucker in the city. There are some really great boutiques in the city (Toronto), with some amazing people in them. Today I made a new friend and got to meet an ‘online friend’ face to face. 

I saw the "Perrier Girls" on their mopeds and jumped at the chance to get a shot with them, as they breezed around town.

Recommended: #Gotstyle fora man’s complete wardrobe needs. #Davido Afnani for luxury male perfumes, exotic skin shoes and exquisite tailored garments.

Jacket #GantxMichaelBastian // Shirt #PoloRalphLauren // Pants #NoNationality07 // Bow tie #OriginalPenguin //

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Summer white is perfect on a not too hot day. I have been itching to wear this jacket (TommyHilfiger) for sometime and that time arrived. It’s a casual jacket, unstructured, with big patch pockets. Perhaps, one day i’ll wear it with shorts. Stay tuned!

Out in the King & Bathurst area in Toronto. There are some great places to dine along this strip. You will not be disappointed, it’s also a great place for after-work drinks.

Recommended: Davido Afnani for menswear. Make sure you indulge in their selection of opulent male perfumes. You can thank me later for this tip!

Jacket #TommyHilfiger // Pants #TheGap // Shirt #JamesCampbell // Neckwear #BrooksBrothers // Shoes #Florsheim // Sunglasses #PoloRalphLauren

Images taken by seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign


Spring a season in review. Now that Spring is fading in the rear view, I thought I’d pay homage to the season that was. I hope you’ve enjoyed the images, because it’s been fun putting them together. I am looking forward to Summer aren’t you!

Images taken by seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Sunny yellow pants are a must for summer. I love these ones from #ClubMonaco. Most men today are daring enough to inject bold colours into their wardrobe rotations. Summer months are shorter than you think, have fun!

Yonge & Eglington -Toronto, is a busy street full of great fashion, food and entertainment. It’s considered uptown, and it has a vibe all of it’s own. Who needs to go downtown!

Reccommended: Jerome’s a true menswear store.

Jacket: #tommyHilfiger // Shirt #RichardJames Mayfair // Pants #ClubMonaco // Belt #BrooksBrothers // Shoes #Prada // Sunglasses #PoloRalphLauren // Pocket Square #originalpeguin

Images taken by @seananthonys // Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Marine Blue & White is a reliable classic combination. You simply cannot go wrong when you pair blue and white, it always looks chic. 

jacket #TalliaOrange // Pants #jLindeberg // Shoes #Prada // Shirt #RomeoGigli // Tie #TommyHilfiger

Images taken by seananthonys // grooming by #imagehairdesign