The Distillery District (Toronto) Pt 2. So, by the time I had completed this session, I had visited all of this area. It is a great place to spend the afternoon with family, friends or even alone. Just wonder around and see what’s on offer. I felt really comfortable in this Sand Red Carpet Editionjacket, which garnered a number of inquiries. Somebody even commented how it would be perfect for a wedding they were attending in a few weeks. I couldn’t agree more. Start stocking your wardrobe with some great special event jackets, they add a new dimension to your clothing options.

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Jacket: #Sand // Shirt: #ReportCollection // Trousers: #ArmaniCollezioni // Shoes: #Poste // Sunglasses: #Pucci // Pocket Square: #Vintage

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The Distillery District (Toronto). This was where we began in Spring, so I thought we’d re-visit this charming and historical part of the city. Last time I didn’t get around to seeing it all, this time I did. Wearing formal wear. Well might as well do it big. It was funny to see people in shorts and very casual wear next to me all dressed up. I did get a few curious glances, and some interesting inquiries in languages I don’t speak nor understand.Tourists!

I’ve had these items for sometime and never wore them. I just didn’t have the right footwear, until I purchased these velvet slippers by Poste from Office in England. The slippers brought everything together and made it all make sense. At least to me.

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Jacket: #Saks5thAve // Shirt: #Duchamp // Trousers: #Halston // Bow tie: #Halston // Pocket Square: #Canali // Shoes: Poste

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The Harbourfront Pt 2. Personally I don’t own very many suits, I much prefer the challenge of separates. Besides, separates add versatility to your wardrobe, allowing you to mix ‘n’ match. This salmon coloured blazer by Brooks Brothers, is perfect for the dockside, or even for a garden party. By adding a cool fuller trouser with the jacket, I am channeling The Great Gatsby era look. This is probably why the body of this jacket is call ‘The Fitzgerald.’

Be certain to visit The Harbourfront when visiting Toronto. You’ll find great restaurants, theatres, live outdoor entertainment and shops. It’s such a great experience.

Jacket: #BrooksBrothers // Shirt: #TommyHilfiger // Trouser: #ErmenegildoZegna // Tie: #Canali // Pocket Square: #PoloRalphLauren

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The Harbourfront. I decided to visit the ‘Harbourfront’ for the backdrop in this session. This is an impressive part of the city, again 5-10 mins south from the core of downtown Toronto. As I knew I’d be by the water, I decided to go with the standard nautical colour scheme, blue & white. Well at least my take on it. The patterned trousers are from BananaRepublic and add personality to an otherwise banal coulourway. White shoes add to the finishing details.

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Jacket: #TalliaOrange // Shirt: #TommyHilfiger // Trouser: #BananaRepublic // Bow tie: #OriginalPenguin // Pocket Square: #TommyHilfiger // Shoes #SalvatoreFerragamo // Sunglasses: #PoloRalphlauren

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The boardwalk & the beach. This is part 2 of my beach experience. I really don’t do the beach that much, as I am sure you can tell by my attire. Someone asked me “why are you not wearing shorts, after all it is the beach.?” Good question, shorts never really came to mind at the time when I was planning my excursion. Perhaps next year i’ll do a set with shorts. For now I’m wearing my favourite summer pants, GantxMichael Bastian with my go to summer footwear, Converse AllStars. Sadly, it is the unofficial end to summer!

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Gingham shirt: #Tricots St. Raphael // Navy Polo shirt #PoloRalphLauren // Pants #GantxMichaelBastian // Shoes #ConverseAllStar // Sunglasses #Rayban

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Heading to the beach on Labour Day? Wearing my madras pants from Brooksbrothers, I headed to the beach.This was the first time I was able to wear them, so I went with a light linen shirt.The pants are enough of a distraction, no need to complicate things with a startling colourful or patterned shirt. Sometimes you just have to keep things simple and cool. I wore a slip on mocc in keeping with the casual appeal. All in all it was a good day!

#Toronto is an amazing city! I mean there aren’t that many cities in the world where you can be at the beach within 10 minutes of downtown.

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Shirt: #Luckybrand // Pants: #brooksbrothers // Shoes: PoloRalphLauren // Sunglasses: #Rayban

Yonge Street in Toronto is a very long street. I ventured a little further north from Eglington, and was pleasantly greeted by some beautiful neighbourhood stores. Sometimes we need to take the time to explore the cities we live in.

On this trip I wore a periwinkle blue jacket, which I have been having the hardest time finding complementary pant colours for. I settled on a light cotton grey and teamed it up with a suede beige boot with a contrasting sole. This gives it a smart-casual appeal.

Recommended: Ermanno clothing for men. I went in here and experienced hospitality like I have never experienced before, and I wasn’t there to shop. Thoughtfully selected sportswear, with a specialty in Master Bespoke Tailoring. Put them on your list to at least visit.

Jacket: #HugoBoss // Pants: #PoloRalphLauren // Shirt: #HudsonRoom // Tie: #Culturata // Boots: #VioleBlanche // Pocket Square: #OriginalPenguin //Bag: #JackSpade

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Black & White. Every time I hear the term ‘Black & White’ I think of MJ and his song. What a great artist, who has left us with some memorable songs. This day I teamed up black with white and added grey to soften the contrast. I could have easily used a black, white striped or patterned tee too. Which would have been a worthy alternative. But going with a plain grey tee set the tone I wanted, simple! 

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Jacket: #ZZenga // Jeans: #Levis // Tshirt: #Massive // Shoes: #SalvatoreFerragamo // Sunglasses: Pucci // Bag: JackSpade

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The waistcoat. The  waistcoat is so easy to wear year- round. I mean it always looks fantastic. Wearing a waistcoat automatically gives you style credibility, indicating to others that you know what you are doing. In the Summer months wear it alone. During the Fall/Winter wear it under a jacket, you really can’t go wrong. A waistcoat is versatile enough to also be worn with jeans. So it gives you as much mileage as a blazer.

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Waistcoat: #TedBaker // Trouser: #BlackBrown1826 // Shirt: #PoloRalphLauren // Bow tie: #TommyHilfiger // Sunglasses: #PoloRalphLauren // Shoes: Canali

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At times finding the words to add to these images is difficult. How do you make a brown suit with a crimson veined check sound more interesting than it is. Or a silk summer paisley tie matched with a raspberry stripped shirt with a contrasting white collar sound alluring. I don’t know what to say, but i hope you find these images perhaps more appealing than this short description. 

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Suit: #SimonCarter // Shirt: #Crombie // Tie: #Canali // Shoes: #HugoBoss

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The Tan suit. Wearing a Tan suit is akin to acknowledging Summer is finally here. Tan suits, along with linen, let you know that the warmer weather has arrived and you are out to celebrate the fact. It’s the perfect day wear suit colour, and is easily coordinated with a whole host of colour combinations. 

Suit: #PaulBetenly // Shirt: #TommyHilfiger // Tie: #Bruun&Stengade // Shoes: HugoBoss // Pocket Square: #OriginalPenguin 

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Shawl collar navy blazer. I own a variety of navy blazers, ones with silver buttons, gold buttons, and double-breasted. I like to add variety to my navy blazers, making them a little less predictable. So it’s good to find ones with a little something different. Adding a shawl collar into the mix makes things more interesting. 

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Recommended: Ted’s Style Shoppe menswear that has been thoughtfully selected with the urban man in mind.

Jacket: #MarcbyMarcJacob // Shirt: #TommyHilfiger // Trousers #Versace Collection //Bow tie #FerrellReed // Pocket Square: #OriginalPenguin // Shoes: #AndreaRossi

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Tuxedo in the city. I just wanted to display how to use formal elements for an semi-formal look. Once you add colour, then that begins to change everything. Have fun with jackets and bow ties, that way you can add flair to your look. 

Bay Street, Toronto is the financial centre of Canada. The appeptite for luxury and well-made garments is met by a number of boutiques. They specialize in bespoke tailoring, and source fabrics from the best mills in the world. Their customers are global travelers, and are well versed in the finest offerings in the menswear category. They appreciate fine tailoring and clothemanship.

Recommended: Vassi for fine bespoke tailoring. You must experience their seven fold limited edition ties. They produce a very small quantity of each pattern, 2 to be exact.

Jacket: #OriginalPenguin // Shirt: Gianni Filacci // Trouser: #Halston // Shoes: #TedBaker // Bow tie: FerrellReed 

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Green is a colour that will have a lot of attention this coming season. Why wait, let’s give it attention now! Windowpane is classic and will always stand the test of time. You cannot go wrong with the classics, they give your wardrobe depth and longevity. Add colour with the classics and redefine your wardrobe.

Recommended: Garrison Bespoke a local tailoring studio in Toronto. Their team of in-house stylists definitely want to see you looking your best. Nothing makes you look and feel better than a perfectly tailored garment!

Jacket: #Vicomte.A // Trouser: #JLindeberg // Bow tie: #Haspel // Shoes: #ErmenegildoZegna // Sunglasses: #PoloRalphLauren

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Dropped by Walter Beauchamp the tailors to wish him all the best for the future. This establishment has been around for 106 years, a great run, and will be closing it’s doors end of October 2014. It’s sad to see a historic business leave permanently. So if you are ever in the Wellington & University area of Toronto drop in. They are currently in closing mode, so everything is discounted.

Jacket #Strellson // Jeans #Michael Kors // Shirt #SimonCarter // Shoes #Donald by Donald J. Pliner

Images taken by seananthonys // Grooming #imagehairdesign