Early in spring it is still cold enough to wear a sweater or cardigan. The sun was shinning and so I went with an off white cardigan #blackbrown1846. Tasseled loafers are the ‘feature essential’ for shoes this season. You will be seeing them a great deal, so take note! The selection for men’s bags has come along way too in recent years. Men are beginning to find reasons to carry a bag, and a gym bag won’t cut it.

Visit #Yorkville when you come to Toronto. This place is awash with celebrities during #TIFF (Toronto Independent Film Festival). They all seem to dine at#Sassafraz. It is also the place Joni Mitchel would hang out when she was young. During the summer you can watch all the high end vehicles drive around and around. It’s a pretty cool sight to see Ferraris, #Lamborghinis, #RollsRoyces and #BugattiVeyrons. The shopping is home to great boutiques #OvertheRainbow a great place for denim, #UncleOtis and free standing larger brands such as #Diesel and #Suitsupply.  Enjoy!

Cardigan & V-neck sweater #Blackbrown1846 II Pants #Levis II Shoes & Sunglasses #PoloRalphLauren  

Images taken by seananthonys II Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Casual elements of style. This time I went with more casual elements, denim and chinos. A cool white ‘T’ is perfect when paired with a denim jacket, when a graphic t-shirt may appear too much of a distraction. A scarf is a way to add colour, interest and style to the whole look. Keeping with the current ‘it’ item, I did a camo shoe. Camo is all over the place this season, so choose wisely and keep it tasteful. 

Jacket #Kaporal II Chinos #40weft II Tshirt #Jockey II Sunglasses #colehaan II Shoes #boemos II Scarf #PointZero

Images by seananthonys II Grooming by #imagehairdesign

Leather jackets are great to wear, they add another facet to your overall look. I chose to wear my #Bolongarotrevor leather jacket with random bottoms, waxed jeans, leather boots and mirrored sunglasses. At times you have to show the world that you can rock leather as well as cashmere. 

Toronto’s Bathurst & Bloor neighbourhood. The iconic sign of Honest Ed’s, the landmark, will soon be no more. Unfortunately, it will be demolished in the not too distant future. It’s tacky exterior is well worth the visit for a photo opp for posterity. At night the building lights up like something in Las Vegas. Bathurst & Bloor is another neighborhood with it’s own identity. Great independent retailers, gourmet coffee emporiums, and eclectic restaurants. 

Jacket #Bolongarotrevor II Jeans @lastkingsdesigns II Tshirt #Zara II Boots @bensherman1963 II Sunglasses #Policelifestyle

Images taken by seananthonys II Grooming by #imagehairdesign